Hennepin County Library 2/2002 Bibliographic file and 10/2001 Subject authority file

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This KOHA installation contains the bibliographic and subject authority files of the Hennepin County Library catalog from late 2001-early 2002.  The MARC files are from the Universiy of Illinois Archive; they represent the intellectual work of Sanford Berman and his colleagues.  Please see the document referenced in the sidebar for more information and for searching suggestions.

Please note that you can search the bib file through the Library Catalog (general keyword, or use the pull-down for author, title, etc. searches) OR the advanced search options.  You also can search the authority file directly; indeed, this is by far the best way to search for subject headings.  There currently is no option for  Browse by Hierarchies, Tag cloud, Subject cloud, or Libraries searches.  There also is no RSS feed.

This is a "plain vanilla" installation that is intended only to make this bibliographic and subject data accessible.  There are no libraries (except the default Koha ones), patrons or items.
Published on 07/17/2021

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